Most Visited Countries by Tourists

The World Tourism Barometer, published by the World Tourism Organisation (or UNWTO), recently reported on the most visited countries in the world. Although tourism has dropped by as much as 72% in 2020 on average, tourists are still flocking to visit their favourite destinations. Here are the list’s top five countries. Which is your favourite from our list of the most visited countries by tourists?

Our List

5. Italy - 64.5 million visitors

It’s not hard to see how Italy made it to number five on the list when the Eternal City alone attracted nearly 27 million visitors. The country has seen a steady rise in tourism over the years, and they’re coming for more than just pizza and gondola rides.


Head to the shadow of Mount Vesuvius and explore the ruins of Pompeii for yourself. This once-thriving Roman city was buried under the volcano’s ash in AD 79. Today it draws archaeologically minded tourists from across the globe.

4. China - 65.7 million visitors

China is a vast country that’s impossible to cover in a single visit. From lush green landscapes to the glitz and glamour of its megacities, you’ll have your itinerary full sooner than you can order chow mein.


Turn off your flash and head to Chengdu for the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these gentle giants in their natural habitat, and you might just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some babies, too.

3. The United States - 79.3 million visitors

At nearly the size of Europe, the US keeps its spot high on the list for good reason. From its world-famous cities to the untouched splendour of its national parks, it’s a diverse destination for even the pickiest of travellers. Why not go all-American and make a road trip out of it?


Visit the Las Vegas Strip for a whole new world of entertainment. While there’s something to be said for beginner’s luck, it might be a good idea to try your hand at some online slots first.

2. Spain - 83.5 million visitors

Spain, with its ever changing landscape and laid back atmosphere, has continued to attract tourists by the scores.


La Segrada Familia, a Barcellona landmark and UNESCO world heritage site, is an architectural masterpiece 139 years in the making. The basilica is open from 9 am to 8 pm daily. Book tickets in advance to avoid the queue.

1. France - 89.4 million visitors

Food, wine, fashion, and art is what France brings to mind, but there’s more to this European top spot than culture and fine dining. It’s also the world’s biggest perfume exporter and home to a number of international sporting events.


Escape the Parisian crowds with a visit to Mont Saint-Michel. This ancient monastery sits atop a tidal island, so time your visit carefully.